Having a Hard Time – Try My Best Safety Razor List

Having a Hard Time – Try My Best Safety Razor List


If you want to improve your skill in DE shaving, choosing the right tool will save you a lot.


Find the best safety razor that perfectly work and easy to handle will increase the chances to achieve a comfortable shave.

These razors proved delicate for some user, if you carelessly use them, you will end up having razor bumps or cut.

Even though these problems can be treated, the pain and soreness that comes with them is terrible.

How do I find what the best razor for me?

There are number of factor you should consider before buying a safety razor:

1. The number of part.

Safety razor has three parts: handle, base-plate, and cap.

Razors that have all three part call three piece. The two piece only have the cap separates, with base-plate permanently mounted to the handle.

Others are all one piece, so you need to turn the knob to open it, and we call it “Twist To Open or Butterfly”.

2. Head styles

Safety razor have three cutting head style that are open comb, safety bar (close comb), and slant bar.

The comb have purposed to protect your face from direct contact with the blade.

Both, open or close comb will cut the same way, a straight on chop. What make different is open comb have rake like teeth while safety bar or close comb have solid bar.

In general, open combs are more aggressive than closed comb razors.

On the other hand, a slant bar create more of guillotine motion, it keeps the blade at an angle and slices through the hairs rather than pull through them.

Slant bar recommended mainly for the experienced user with a particularly thick or stiff beard.

3. Adjustable or fixed head

Another thing you should consider is using adjustable razors or fixed head. In adjustable, you can alter the gap of your blade to make them less or more aggressive. While fixed head, you can’t alter the gap.

If you choose adjustable, i advise to starts dial at one, and gradually increase it, to find the intensity that works for your skin type and beard density.

4. Handle and weight

These factors not directly affect the razor performance, but it will affect your ability to shave and comfort level. Short or long and light or weight, it can be different from people to people.

At the end, it’s all about personal preference.

What are the best safety razor for beginners?

As I mention earlier,

Aggressiveness has to do with the blade exposure.

It doesn’t really matter if you choose open comb or safety bar, there all can be aggressive.

For beginner in DE razor, I recommend adjustable razor, i.e. Merkur Futur, Merkur Progress or Gillette Slim Adjustable.

You can alter the gap according to your level.

If you wish for an aggressive shave, you can tweak the razor in accordingly, just as you can change it down and have a comfortable and smooth shave.

However, several wet shaver suggest using fixed head rather try adjustable.

Because, having drawn in complexity setting the gap makes beginners tend to forget other things that far important that is technique.

If you truly feel like that,

There are medium aggressive safety razor that very mild and forgiving, i.e. Merkur 34C HD, Edwin Jagger de89bl, Merkur 180 or Seki Edge Feather razor.

Top 7 best safety razor review

Merkur-Razor Progress Long Handle Adjustable Safety Razor

It’s one of the best adjustable safety razors, along with his relative Merkur Futur and Gillette adjustable series.

I never use both Futur and Gillette, so I can’t say anything about them.

There are 3 types of Merkur Progress, the earlier model #500, the long handle #510, and the new #570.

I have been using Merkur-Razor Progress Long Handle (#510) until now.

It comes with chrome body, nickel plate, and plastic knob at bottom.

What makes different is maybe the #510 handle slightly longer and the price is quite expensive.

I know it heavy start for beginner in DE shaving, but it’s really worth it.

Merkur 34C HD

Interested in fixed head razor, I suggest  Merkur 34C HD .

This razor is very popular along with Edwin Jagger D89. Merkur HD is rather small, but also somewhat heavy.

That said, the weight makes for a smooth shave, and the size seems to lend itself to control.

The razor isn’t well suited for long passes, but it’s perfect for short and intricate strokes.

The 34C look masculine like the most of traditional Merkur style.

The marked knurling on the handle is functional with a deep texture to provide a secure grip for wet and soapy hands. See my full review

Edwin Jagger DE89

Another popular razor is Edwin Jagger DE89bl.

I just use it recently, but frankly, it’s a par with Merkur HD. And good also for new wet shaver.

The DE89bl is classy and elegant with smooth surfaces detail. The line on handle is more like stylish rather than functional.

It is medium aggressive razor similar with Merkur HD; the balance is superb and forgiving many bad strokes.

The heads fit any standard DE razor blade allowing you to use theirs or go with another blade that had better match your style and needs. See my full review

Merkur 180 Long Handled

If you want a best long handled razor, I suggest Merkur 180 Long Handled.

It’s sturdy chrome option from a reputable company with a lot of history.

This 3-piece double edge razor, which means you’ll need to take it apart to replace the blade.

What I loved is the handle. It’s much textured finish, it make control much easier when it wet than some chrome razor we’ve tried. See my full review

Muhle R41

Many people call Muhle R41 open comb safety razor is close to straight razor.

Yes, it’s really aggressive, whether is the new one or the original.

The new modifications seem focus on fixing the blade flex issued with thinner blades; produce easier and safer to use.

This is not for beginner and not one you’d want to be shaving with nick and irritation.

I took a while to use it, but after you find the right angle, you can get a great close shave and the new one; the new one is a little more forgiving.

Seki Edge Feather

You might wonder why bother using expensive double edge razor, if there are the best razor that have lower price than this.

Eventually, high products separate themselves in many ways.

You can see in their quality material and their precise balance.

Although, it seem aggressive,  Seki Edge Feather is mild razor; if you like the medium to aggressive type of razor, this isn’t fit for you.

One thing that I call aggressive about this razor is the price.

Feather Double Edge Razor

Contrary with the razor above, this razor is cheaper than all razors in my list.

This de razor construted with metal and (mostly) plastic.

It’s light and the handle quite long, so make it easy to grip.

I know there are other razors more cheaply (Yes, it is), but I think Feather Double Edge razor was better among them.

Good for newbie who want start shaving with reasonably price.

Don’t forget about the blades

You can’t overlook safety razor blade.

I know you think there all look similar, but a quality blades give more result than an average.

Check thoroughly their material, their coating, how the sharpness, and their price.

That entire factor can make a lot differences in your shaving.

Therefore, take the time to test a number of different blade brand, to make it easier, you can use the sample pack provided by the seller.

Find what blades that work best for you, I recommend Feather and Astra blade, it works for me.

After you decide what best for you then buy it in bulk, so you will save lot money.


There is no easy answer in DE shaving, as it all about your preference.

No matter what kind safety razor, the key is your technique.

You cannot just take mindless swipes at your face and expect a good shave.

Learn a new skill set to use a safety razor properly.

When you find the right angle, you will enjoy DE shaving.


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