Here my Recommendation on Best Shaving Cream for Men



Shaving has become an important routine for men.

Using the right shaving product like a shave cream will make a huge different in terms of a comfortable shave.

Especially when it comes to razor cuts, razor bumps, irritation, and ingrown hair.

I know, you don’t want to those experience and begin your daily activities with a face full of pain.

In this article, I will recommend you some of  the best shaving cream for men.

How to Find the Best Shave Cream for You?

It is very difficult to determine which best shaving cream in the market.

But, there are some criteria can be used as a reference to determine which are matched for you.

Here we go:

  • First criteria, the cream performance in term with cushion and lubrication.
  • Ease lathering in different water conditions (soft or hard water).
  • It’s available in a wide selection of scents.
  • Prices are affordable and lastly related with your skin condition (some ingredient contained in cream could cause problems for your skins).

So, popular shave cream for most people may not work for other.

Most of the best cream comes from traditional lathering shaving cream.

They designed to use with a brush, but in progress, it can also be used without a brush or brushless (although you will use more cream along process).

They consistently produce well lather and have a diverse choice of scent.

Some of them hold a long history in shaving world, which proves they always maintain their quality and enable survive in the market until now.

For some people the price they offer is quite expensive, but actually it’s economical because it can last for months.

Here My Recommendation On The Best Shaving Cream For Men

1. Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream

I choose Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving creams because their price is affordable compare with other traditional cream. And it have a rich and creamy lather.

Their scent are available in Almond, Avocado, Eton College, Lemon & Lime, Mr. Taylor’s, Rose, Jermyn Street, St James, Sandalwood, Lavender, Coconut, Grape Fruit, Organic and Peppermint.

Among their scent, TOBS Sandalwood is well known and popular.

Aside from Sandalwood, I would recommend Grape Fruit, Almond, and for sensitive skin like Jermyn Street or Organic (use natural material).

2. Truefitt and Hill Shaving Cream

Another traditional cream you should consider is Truefitt and Hill shaving creams.

Some say their creams give less cushioning, but personally, I satisfied with their performances.

They have variety scent like 1805, Trafalgar, West Indian Limes, Grafton, Sandalwood, Ultimate Comfort, and No 10.

If you want to try, I suggest their popular scent like 1805, Trafalgar, and Grafton.

3. eShave

Although eShave doesn’t have a century old company history, they do perform very well.

Their available scent is quite unusual such as White Tea, Cucumber, Verbena Lime, Orange Sandalwood, and Floral.

They also have commonly scent like Lavender, Almond, and Fragrance Free.

White Tea seems well liked among shaver, I agreed with that, but Cucumber, Verbena Lime, and Orange Sandalwood equally well.

4. Proraso Shaving Cream

This Italian-made cream has a good performance and it smell great.

Proraso shaving cream have four colors (green, white, red and blue) with each color has a different scent.

Green is a classic refreshing scent of menthol and eucalyptus, which is an initial scent of Proraso, is suitable for all skin types.

White intended for sensitive skin with the fruit fragrance of lime and apple.

Red has the aromatic fragrance of sandalwood. Blue is a fern scent that feels slightly spicy derived from amber and musk.

I like the green Proraso, so you should give it a try.

5. Cremo Shaving Cream

Ok, maybe you might wonder why I include Cremo shaving cream in this.

This far from traditional cream, but their performance is reasonably good.

The reason why I include it in here because you can easily found in drug stores, grocery, and other big outlets like Walmart.

I usually use this cream when I run out my traditional creams and lazy to open my laptop to buy online.

The price is cheap, it’s good when I do not have enough money.

The Bottom Line

“Your Mileage May Vary” (YMMV) so while these cream probably work well for me, but there are possibility it doesn’t work for you.

If you have tried the creams above or know creams that work better, just share your thoughts.


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