The Popular Edwin Jagger de89bl Review


Edwin Jagger de89bl safety razor has been recognized by many wet shaver as one of razors that have high quality and excellent performance.

Due to its popularity, this safety razor often compare with Merkur 34C.

In this article, I already cover for you review. I hope it can answer your curiosity about this razor.

Beautiful chrome finish

Nowadays, most safety razor have chrome coated. The purpose is to add protection from rusting, so it will last very long.

What makes Edwin Jagger de89bl different with other razor?

The chrome finish is thoroughly. Even the non-visible part (underside of the top and base plate) has same coated as the exposed parts.


It looks smoother, shiny and has less marring.

It is hard to imagine a product at this price point having that kind of chrome finish.

But at the same time, the chrome also can be a problem, if you don’t maintain it correctly. The chrome will tarnish over the time.

You can avoid this, if you properly clean and dry the razor after used.

Three piece safety razor

Edwin Jagger de89bl was included as three pieces safety razor. This mean, you can separate the razor into handle, base plate and top plate.

The good thing about three pieces safety razor, it is easy to clean and maintained, especially when drying. It will help this razor last in long time.

The downside is when changing the blade. It is not easy as you think, but with time you probably get used to.

How to change the blade?

  1. First, hold the razor with both hands, one hand hold the handle and the other hold the cutting head.
  2. Rotate the handle to separate it with cutting head.
  3. Release the base plate from the top plate and drop the blade.
  4. Put the blade into top plate (turn upside down) and put the base plate above it.
  5. Place the handle and rotate it to tighten it.

Still confuse, watch the video below:


Comfortable handle and weight

The overall length and weight of this razor is 3.8 inch and 70 grams. It is longer and lighter than Merkur 34C.

The length of handle is around 3.3 inch, I feel comfortable with the length. But, if you still think the handle is shorter, you can try long handle safety razor like Merkur 180.

Different with Merkur 34C that use weight of the razor to do the most work. You need to put a bit force behind your passes when using Edwin Jagger de89bl.

Relax, you will not use too much pressure, as this razor still have more weight compare average razor.

Recommended for a beginners

Along with its competitor, Merkur 34C, Edwin Jagger de89bl is also good for beginner.

Categorized as medium-aggressive razor, the 89bl can be less aggressive, if you use smooth blade. And if you want to add aggressiveness, just combine it with sharp blade.

As I always said, for beginner is better to use blade sampler pack, as you can try many blade with reasonable price. And increase the change to find the blade that suit for your skin.

The grip can be slippery

This problem occur when you get the lather on the handle, but not when you wet. If you feel unsure, just quick rinse the razor since the water won’t hurt it.

A good way to grip the handle is to have your thumb and index fingers somewhere up the barrel and your little finger curled under the bottom.

That way you have little change to make the razor flying out of your hand.


Another option you can try is to use Edwin Jagger de89lbl

This model is similar with de89bl except for the handle. The de89lbl has lines/knurled on the handle that helps with the grip while the 89bL does not have any.

If you’re a beginner and concerned about slippage, then you may be better off with the 89lbl with the lined handle for better grip.

Failure of the screw portion

This cutting head is not made from brass or stainless steel razor. If it is, the price probably higher.

They use cast metal and all cast metal is vulnerable to fracture. So make sure you don’t over tighten or drop it. And if that’s happen to you, you can ask replacement part.

Another thing you can try is apply mineral oil on the screw portion every month. It can avoid the thread sticking and breaking while unscrew it.

The price

You can get Edwin Jagger de89bl and de89lbl around $29. The package looks nice and it also come with 5 derby blades.


Wrapping it up

Edwin Jagger de89bl is a great razor for starter. It less aggressive and the price is affordable.

Yes, there are cheaper razor out there, but I doubt it will have same quality.

The chrome finish smooth, almost mirror like, and the way Edwin Jagger construct the head will give you consistent blade loading every time without too much adjustment needed.

It is easy to use and very capable of giving you a very close shave when you combine it with the right blade for your face.

The de89lbl or lined version can be another option if you afraid of slippage. If you properly maintain this razor and avoid dropping it, this razor will last in long time.

Overall, I recommended Edwin Jagger de89bl to add your collection.


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