Tips: How To Use A Shaving Brush



Okay, you have already made your mind up and bought a shaving brush.

You thought is easy to use,

But in the end, you made a mistake,

The brush was broken.

Then, it crossed your mind how to use a shaving brush properly?

Do you want that happen?

Of course, you don’t.

It’s a big problem if you’ve just shelled out a small fortune for a quality badger hair.

So if you using shave brush correctly, will improve the quality of your shave.

And at the same time, it will keep away from the brush damage, which eventually maximize your investment.

And, in today article, I’ll explain to you the advantages of shaving brush, criteria when choosing a shave brush, and the proper way to use a shaving brush.

What’s The Benefit Using A Shave Brush?


Using a shave brush isn’t just only to applying shaving cream or soap on your face, but there’re more than that and I am going to cover few of those to you:

1. A shaving brush allows you to use less shaving cream or soap.

This isn’t without a reason; you only need a smaller amount soap/cream to produce very slick and thick lather when using a shave brush.

It’ll make your cream/soap last longer and with their current price, it’s surely save ton of your money.

2. The shaving brush allows you effectively distribute the lather over your face that can save you from cutting/nicking yourself.

Obviously, it will save you from embarrassment razor burn or cut.

3. The hair/bristles from the brush naturally exfoliate your skin.

It is able to reach beneath your beard, soften the skin, and raises hairs so they can easily sliced off when shaving.

So don’t be a cheap skate, just buy them and you will thank for it.

How To Choose A Shaving Brush?

It can be little confusing when selecting and using a shave brush.

With a lot variety that can offer, you need to understand the criteria for choosing shave brush: price, size, and hair (bristles).

Let’s get started:

1. Price

Shaving brushes are available in a range of prices, there’re several brushes that can be a quite an investment.

While, it isn’t uncommon to purchase a shave brush for $100-200, but in some cases, there are people willing to buy up to $600 or more.

Why, you say?

These expensive brushes built with high quality material and often with handcrafted workmanship, which surely able to last for decades with minimum attention.

However, you shouldn’t worry too much, because there are also have a good shaving brush with reasonably price.

So the price is a matter of personal preference, whether you are willing to spend your money or not.

2. Size

The next one is about size and shape. The brush dimension usually expressed in millimeters and often divided into loft, node, and overall height.

I am not going to talk deeply about them, but generally, a larger brush have a tendency to work better and quickly when lathering large areas.

On the other hand, a small brush will give you more control.

And for the maximum length of the handle, I suggest you to measuring the distance from the palm to the pad of your thumb.

3. Hair

There are several different types of hair/bristles from the brush, such as badger, boar, and synthetic hair.

The first is boar hair:

A boar hair brush is the hardest of all the shave brushes.

They often have seen in mass-market outlets such as groceries and drugstores.

Most of them not constructed well and require more work to get a decent lather.

The good thing about boar hair is that they can easily reach underneath the beard and open up your pores.

It may not be the most comfortable brush, but certainly effective.

And the next is badger hair:

Badger hair generally considered as the ideal material for shaving brush.

They able to make lather faster and retain more heat and water than other types.

Three badger hairs commonly sell in the market:

Pure badger is the lowest grade of badger hair.

It distinguished by dark colors and thick, relatively rigid, rough hair looks. Some manufacturers will whiten the hair a little to give the appearance of a higher class but the hair itself will still look rough.

The next step usually called super/fine badger.

The brush better built, finer hair looks, softer and lighter in color.

Super badger retaining water and heat much better than a lower grade and can make a better lather, faster.

The highest grade generally labeled silvertip badger hair.

It is often cream-colored hair on top with darker color than the below and very smooth but still flexible enough.

This brush will retain even more water and heat, but the price is expensive; these brushes usually start out at $150 and go up from there.

If you’re seriously in wet shaving, you will want to take one of these eventually.

Finally there is synthetic hair:

These can range from a brush with nylon hair to those with more specific synthetic material.

Synthetics hair is good for entry-level wet shavers and for those who avoid animal fur.

The hair is a medium stiffness. Although they won’t keep lather as well as one of the badgers, they’re still can offer you the wet shaving experience.

Now, you’ve already know what shaving brush to choose from. Get ready to the next step.

The Proper Way Using A Shave Brush-Avoid Commonly Mistakes

The problem that often occurs in general is that many men use shaving brush incorrectly.

The result isn’t just reducing the quality of your shave but can also cause damage to the brush itself.

Actually, they’re not that tricky to use though:

One thing that you should remember that before using a shave brush, you need to plunge the hair/bristle in warm water, make sure it’s thoroughly wet, and after that flick off any excess water before dip it into your cream or soap.

And then,

Another mistake that many men mostly do is using too much pressure when creating lather.

It is important to avoid excessive pressure, which would crush the core of a shaving brush.

Pressing the brush down and lathering with hard circular motions will cause the hair/bristles to twist, especially in the center core of the brush, and run a high risk of breaking off.

Which mean its bad news for the life of the brush.

The last mistake that often made is to leave the brush the right way up after shaving.

You need to take care of your brush after the shave.

Clean the hair from the soap or cream and leave it in an open area where the brush can dry properly.

The dampness can cause a breakage and the base of the hairs to rot.

You can invest in a stand to hold the brush upside down, so it can dry naturally.

Just make sure that the air can circulate around the brush while it’s drying.

If you don’t have any stand or don’t want to, you can use your towel to dry it up, but remember not to press it too hard.


Some people may think that taking a couple minutes to care of their shaving brush is a waste of time.

However, I feel that you might be crazy to spoil a $50-$100 shaving brush when it only takes a few minutes of treatment can keep your shaving brush like a brand new after hundreds of shaves.

The use of shaving brush also needs to consider is excessive pressure that used when creating lather.

Either circular or paint-brush motion, the key is to just apply enough pressure on the bristles against the soap/cream and / or face when distributed appropriate lather.

This light pressure will still exfoliate your skin, lift the hair for a close shave, and provide all the other benefits of using a shave brush.

In addition, take a few minutes after you shave to help reform your brush loft, will increase the life of your brush, and maintain its value.

By set aside a little time and thought in brush care, you will maximize your investment and enjoy your shaving brush for many years to come.


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