Merkur 34C HD Review-The Infamous Safety Razor


Merkur safety razor have gained good reputation among wet shaver.

One of their product, that have been so popular is Merkur 34C safety razor. Whether its for beginner or experience user, Merkur 34C proved to be one of the best safety razor.

You can see in every shaving forum that there are a lot wet shaver recommend this razor.

But, is it really good like they said?

To answer that question, lets take a look on my article about Merkur 34C HD review.

Two Pieces Safety Razor with Simple Design

First lets talk about Merkur 34C safety razor design.

If we take a glance, the desain look simple and solid. It has close comb cutting head and constructed in two piece safety razor.

This means this razor has base plate permanent mounted into the handle, while top plate can be removed to insert the blade.


When changing the blade on two pieces safety razor, the best way to do is using gravity.

Turn the razor upside down and holding the top plate with one hand. Then simply turn the knob to release the top plate.

Tilt slightly the razor to allow used blade to fall and drop the new blade to the top plate. Then lead the base plate to the top plate and turn the knob to tighten it.

Or you can another method from Royal Shave.

All the materials that are composing this razor are fully metal. And to give the razor better strength and durability, the manufacturer adds some chrome finish around.

However, there are some users complain about the chrome finish on this razor. They said that the chrome started flaking and chipping after one year used; It is revealing the metal underneath.

Though, it rarely happen, as my 34C razor still looking good till now.

It Has Good Weight

Another things that I like about this razor, is the weight. It has 77 gram weight, more heavy than average safety razor in the market. But, this is what makes Merkur 34C is popular.

Because the weight, the razor feel solid in my hand and comfortable. One thing to remember, when using heavy safety razor, it’s better to let the weight of the razor to do the most work, don’t add too much pressure.

Nice grip

The knurled texture in the handle, give solid grip even when our hand wet or covered with lather.

The Handle is Short


The issue for some user is the Merkur 34C handle, which is shorter compare with other safety razor. The size is around 3 inches.

I don’t say that short handle is bad. It just feels different and probably take time to adjust.

And it can be a problem for people with large hand.

If you still unsure, try to remember the end of the shaft when you use cartridge or disposable razor.

If you hold the razor like chop stix (only with three fingers), you probably won’t have any problem.

But, if the end of the shaft is somehow in you palm, then you may notice the difference.

Suitable for Beginner and Experience User

The gap in Merkur 34C cutting head is around 0.78 inches and fall into medium-aggressive safety razor.

This razor recommend for beginner, but at the same time, can give you aggressiveness for experience user. It depends on the combination with razor blade.

If you want smooth shave (for beginner user), I advice to use Derby or Astra blade. Moreover, if you want more aggressive shave (for experience user), try using Feather, Kai, or Wilkinson blade.

When you buy Merkur 34C, you will also get Merkur blade. It also a smooth blade and good for beginner. But, I don’t feel great using Merkur blade, so I prefer Derby or Astra blade.

It worth to trying several brand of blade to find the best combination for your skin. The best way you can do is using sampler pack. This way you can try several blade with minimum cost.

Read my previous article to know more about razor blade.

The price

You can buy Merkur 34C HD around $30 – $40, depend where you buy this.

Do not confuse with their aliases, such as Heavy Duty (HD) or Heavy Classic, it basically the same razor.


Wrapping it up

Despite the problem like chrome finish is flaking and chipping. Merkur 34C razor still give you good performance. It have good weight and balance.

As it is aggressive or not, depend the blade that you choose. Try to combine the razor with several blade and find what the best for you.

About their short handle, if you have no problem and feel comfortable, then this safety razor is perfect choice for you.

But, if you feel uncomfortable with short handle, you can try other de razor, such as Merkur 180 long handled or Edwin Jagger de89bl.

Overall, Merkur 34C HD safety razor is worth to try, whether for beginner or experience user.


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