Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor Review

Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor Review


Merkur has been renowned for their quality product. They have many variations in their safety razor line and serve many users with satisfied.

Among their line, there are two popular safety razor on Amazon that is Merkur 34C and Merkur 180.

The Merkur 180 offer you different length in handle compare with Merkur 34C. I think it’s the reason this safety razor becomes popular.

If you want to know more about this razor, let’s take a look my Merkur model 180 long handled safety razor review, down below.

A 4 inch long handled safety razor

Actually, the handle length of Merkur 180 is around 3 ¾ (3.75) inch. The 4 inch is overall length if you measure from top to bottom.

Still with this handle length, you can say that a Merkur 180 is longer than an average safety razor.

The good thing about the long handle is it will give you better transition from a cartridge or disposables razor.

It more accommodating for men with bigger hands and more options for finger placement and razor balance.

However, for me, handle length is matter “comfort feeling” when you grip the razor. It won’t excessively affect the result of your shaving, but it can disturb the way you shave.

Short or long handle, it’s merely your personal preference. To know better which one for you, try to using both handle. It will give you a better idea.

Easy to grip

The handle on Merkur 180 (along with many other Merkur line) is a cross-sectional gritty metal grip.

This is definitely a good thing because no matter which way you hold your hand or fingers, or when your hand wet or with soap, the razor will never slip out.

On top of the gritty metal, there is a protruding knob at the end of the handle that has a finer gritty metal feel to it.

Three pieces safety razor with chrome coated.

Like every Merkur safety razor product, Merkur 180 used metal brass and coated with chrome which looks nice and shine.

The chrome also adds protection that makes Merkur 180 resistant to rust which is something you want when using a product in a highly damp environment like the bathroom.

However, I must warn you the chrome will be deteriorated over time, so you need to maintain it very well (cleaning and drying). It will last long if you properly do this.


merkur-180-three-pieces-safety-razorThe three pieces design, make Merkur 180 easy to clean and dry.

As you can separate the razor into three part and clean or dry it one by one.

My advice is to dry your razor after every shower, although is a time-consuming process is not that much actually, and keep it in the shower. It is the best option in order to keep the razor nice and clean.

A second option could be dry your razor first and keep it out of the shower because in the shower you have moisture every minute of the day and that led to rust.

However, changing the blade is quite annoying, but it is not that’s hard. Just pay attention when holding the blade, make sure you aren’t cut yourself.

You unscrew the handle from the head. That allows you to separate the two head pieces. The blade is in between those two pieces. Take out a blade, replace. Put the headpiece back on and screw the handle on

I already explain it before, but you can watch this video for more explanation.

Lightweight razor

The weight of this razor is at 50 grams. This is not extremely light compared to all safety razors, but for a safety razor with handle this long, it does not feel very heavy in my hands.

If you unscrew the handle from the three-piece razor you can tell that the handle does not weigh that much because the handle is very thin.

I think Merkur choose the weight to be light, so it can support the long handle.

Good for a beginner

The reason why I think this razor suit for a beginner is because the gap in cutting head is not very big. It is around 0.64 mm.

You can try a sharp blade for adding aggressiveness, but with the gap, this razor still recommended for a beginner. I suggest trying blade sampler pack if this your first times. As it can help you to find the blade that works for you.

Merkur 23C is Merkur 180

It’s worth to mention because this question often asked. Basically, Merkur 23C and Merkur 180 is the same razor.

Merkur release this razor as 23C, 23 is the model number while C means the razor coated with chromed. Though, I don’t know why it called Merkur 180. Often called long handled because it longer than an average safety razor.

So if you are looking for Merkur model 180, but instead, found Merkur 23C. It is basically the same razor. Just different name.

The price

The price of Merkur 180 is relatively low cost. You can get this razor around $20 and get one Merkur blade along the razor.

Wrapping it up

Merkur always produces a quality product and it proves with Merkur 180.

It is  a three pieces safety razor and coated with chrome to add durability. Although it still needs a proper maintain to hold the chrome quality.

The long handle offers you better transition if you switch from a cartridge or disposable razor before. It also can be a good option for those who not feel uncomfortable with short or medium handle.

Although it did provide me some excellent shaves, I found the razor a bit too light for me – I prefer a razor with some weight to it.

Having said that I could also see someone enjoying this razor – especially if the only thing they are comparing it to is a cartridge razor.

If you are looking for something with a bit more weight and better balance you may want to consider something along the line of the Edwin Jagger de89lbl.


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