The Best Badger Shaving Brush-It Doesn’t Have to be Expensive



If we talk about best badger shaving brush, the first thing that crosses in your mind, is probably expensive and silvertip.

Well, it is somewhat true, but you actually can buy a good badger brush without breaking your bank.

Like you already knew, badger brush divide into four grade of hair, start with pure badger, best badger, super badger, and silvertip badger.

And from all them, silvertip is the highest grade.

But, to be honest with you, these gradation is just tell the softness difference that you get.

All types of badger hair can create good lather and still give you a good shaving.

So forget about Rooney, Thater, or Simpson, you won’t find those expensive brush in my list.

As I only cover is some badger brush that have reasonably price (under $50)

Why badger hair?

With so many types hair for brush, such as boar hair, horse hair, or synthetic fiber, a badger hair is the most ideal for shaving brush.


Because of their natural water absorbing capability, which make lather richer, thicker, and more effoliate.

That is why a professional barber always using badger hair as their shave brush.

Nowadays, all badger hair comes from China. You don’t have to worry about animal cruelty, as in there, badger included as a pest.

The grade of badge hair

As I mention before, there is no standard to defines grade of badger hair. It may vary from each manufacturer.

But, it still important for you to know about each grade. As it will give you general idea about characteristic and benefits from each grades.

So let start from the highest grade:

Silvertip badger hair brush

Silvertip comes from the neck area. The tips silver of the hair occurs naturally.

Silvertip keeps water and heat very well, so it easy to creates a rich and dense lather.

The hair is the most gentle among other types of hair.

And because the rarest and the softest of this hair, it increase the price compare with other badger hair.

Super badger hair brush

This is the quality of the second tier, but still provides excellent water retention.

Harvest from the back of badger. The quality and softness super badger similar with silvertip, but the differences still noticeable.

Several vendor often colored the tips for marketing purposes. To make similar with silvertip.

Best badger hair brush

The hair comes from rear/side and belly area of the badger. Offers good water retention, but the hair is more coarse and scratchy from the top two grades.

This grade hair can be annoying if you have sensitive skin.

Pure badger hair brush

This is the most common type of badger hair brushes. It harvest from large area of the badger body.

As their high availability, the price of this grade, more cheaper than the rest hair.

The hair feel scratchier and water retention fallen significantly.

Because badger hair is a natural animal hair, there will always level differences from one brush to the next, even it comes from same manufacturer.

So each of product will have their own characteristic.

The Best Badger Shaving Brush under $50

Even though, I said the best brush is not always expensive. To own a badger brush, the minimum cost you need is $30.

A badger brush with price less than $30, will shedding a lot. With that range of price, I prefer horse or synthetic brush.

So the list of badger brush below, will have range of price, from $30-$50.

Whippedog shaving brush

The first brush I recommend is a badger brush from whippedog, silvertip badger brush and high mountain badger.

Their price start from $32-$46, together with resin handle. Both of them have good quality and perform very well.

The difference between those brushes, lie on their backbone. The high mountain seems to have more backbone than silvertip.

Though, you can compensate with setting the hair deeper in the handle. It makes silvertip feel scritchy.

Parker Safety Razor Handmade Deluxe “Long Loft” 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Black & Chrome Handle

In this range price, I would recommend you Parker Safety Razor. Although, it is a pure badger, it much softer that you think.

The hair density is good. It will not easily tip over when you set it down on the counter.

Additionally, it has 24 mm knot diameter which most brushes do not offer. The handle made of chrome and colored with black.

The House of Saxon 100% Real Badger Shaving Brush for Best Shave!

The luxurious look and feel of this brush will make shaving the highlight of your grooming routine.

The hair is soft and dense. It will create a fine lather for smoother, more even results.

The pure badger hair  means that the brush will hold water all throughout your shave and wash out thoroughly for minimal upkeep.

You will feel the softness of the bristles from the first shave.

Latherwhip’s Best 100% Badger Hair Professional Shaving Brush with Gift Box

Another fantastic badger brush is Latherwhip Best Badger.

The bristle is strong and dense, which mean it can used with thickest soap or cream.

They create a smooth and soft lather. This brush is also good retaining heat.

It has good backbone to help exfoliate your skin. Great for those prone to bumps, ingrown hair, and other skin problem.

Edwin Jagger Best Badger Shaving Brush with Drip Stand, Imitation Ebony, Medium

The fourth brush I recommend is Edwin Jagger Best Badger.

The brush looks great with black color on the handle. It is smaller than similar brush but not too light.

Feel nice on the face and in the hand. The bristles a bit stiffer and dense. Didn’t smeel like a dead badger straight out the box.

One thing that you should note is about the size. It is tiny compare other badger brush.

Breeto 100% best badger

Breeto Best Badger is slightly softer and longer than my Best Badger brush.

Seems to be a good knot holding the hairs together with minimal to no shedding.

The brush has real weight and looks solid. It loads the lather really well.

The chrome handle has real weight and feels premium in the hand.

I especially like the wood, but uneasy that after a while the moister will damage the wood grain.

Bottom Line

When using a shave brush, you are not paying for their performance.


As I explain in the post, all types of shaving brush can create a good lather.

A low priced badger brush will lather just as well as a badger brush that costs couple hundred dollars.

The gradation is only telling about how the brush feels on your face.

And while you can feel a slight difference, softer bristles are not always better.

So you need to consider several things:

Do you use soap or cream?

If you use soap, stiffer is better, while for cream, softer is better.

Do you have sensitive face?

If you do, the softer hair might be better. Or if you like exfoliation on your skin, choose a stiffer hair.

How many passes you take when shaving?

If you only shave with two or three passes, you do not need an exceptional water retention badger brush.

But if you are taking five or more passes, it is better to use a bigger and softer hair brush.

That’s it. I hope these brush might help for those who want using badger brush, but don’t have enough budget.


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