Top 5 Best Shaving Brushes under $50

Top 5 Best Shaving Brushes under $50


Any well-groomed man can understand the value in finding the best shaving brush on the market in order to achieve the best shave quality.

These grooming tools have been trusted for hundreds of years to provide the optimal shaving experience.

Though wet shaving is a very dated method, yet today, it is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness.

There is a vast selection of shave brushes that composed of different materials; some is cheaper than others are.

Some of the best options are those composed of badger hair for providing long-lasting reliability. These prove to be superior in quality over cheaper boar and synthetic-made bristles while still offering a respectable value.

To get more information (the strength and the weakness) about these types of hair brush, you should read this article from reddit.

What shaving brush should you get for under $50?

Last Updated: 1 December 2015

It has been one year since I wrote this article. While some of these shave brush still recommended, the wide changes in traditional shaving, make the rest shave brush cannot be relevance again. Especially, with the advanced development in synthetic hair (which already reach fourth generation), add another option for my list.

As all product in wet shaving can be personal “your mileage may vary”, I add some improvement and some diverse category such as badger, boar, horse and synthetic brush.

Below are the top five best shaving brush under $50 that listed on Amazon for quality and value.

Best Badger Brush:

Parker Safety Razor Handmade Deluxe “Long Loft” 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Black & Chrome Handle

My choice on badger shaving brush is Parker Safety Razor Long Loft.

It is a little higher in price compared to other pure badger brushes with good reason. Similarly, it has an adequately dense bristle head.

The difference, however, is the bristles on this brush are much softer on initial use and that is without having to soak it.


It looks like a fine quality brush with the black handle and a shiny weighty base that appears to be made of chrome.

It will not easily tip over when you set it down on the counter.

Additionally, it has a fat brush knot, 24mm in diameter to be exact, that most other brushes do not offer.

The bristle head gets broader with regular use like a blossoming flower and really holds a fair amount of water.

There is very little shedding in the first few uses, as is typical with new brushes and virtually none afterwards.

It comes with the stand for drying and storing providing a very reasonable value overall.

For a high-end quality brush with a not-so high price, this is certainly an agreeable choice in wet shaving.

Best Boar Brush:

Omega Shaving Brush #10048 Boar Bristle aka The PRO 48

For boar shaving brush, my choice falls to Omega Pro 48.

This brush has been around for years and gain lots positive reviews.

It is a large brush (the knot is 28 mm and the loft around 69-70mm), but have solid backbone so it is not in the least bit floppy.


Omega Pro 48 creates a good lather. It will whip anything you will throw at it into lather, be it a soft cream or a rock hard soap.

The boar is very soft on the tips and has nice density so it can hold plenty of lather.

The handle is chromed plastic and light – meaning the balance of the brush is firmly towards the knot end of things.

Speaking of the handle, the chromed plastic is not slippery, but it gives you a great grip on the brush even with wet fingers.

If you think Omega #10048 is too big, you can try #10049 (Pro 49).

It has smaller size (around 65mm loft) and colored handle (black, red, or white).

Best Horse Brush:

Vie-Long 04312 Professional Horse Hair Shaving Brush

The Vie-Long 04312 come out to the top of horse shave brush.

The brush is sturdy and has good backbone. It quickly creates lather with ease, whether is cream or soap.

The loft is around 65 mm and the tips feels soft, but little scratchy.


The wood handle combine with the metal retaining collet looks very appealing and the size fits for the average hand.

Similar with other horse brushes that the animal-hair scent is quite strong.

To get the smell out, you need to wash it with good animal shampoo before use it.

Other than that, it is an excellent horse brush for the price.

Best Synthetic Brush:

Satin Tip the Purest – Luxury Synthetic Shave Brush Black


For synthetic brush, I recommend Satin Tip the Purest.

The softness is similar with Plisson, but with lower price, around $20.

Have a good backbone for face lathering, combine with their softness, it feels great.

It does not have a problem when lathering bowl either.

Like other synthetic brushes, it not needed to soak in water, easily to clean, and dry faster.

The handle made from plastic, black color, very light, and easy to grip when wet.

See my full review about synthetic shaving brush.

Wrapping it up

So there you have it, the top 5 best shaving brushes for quality, value, and overall satisfaction.

Whether you are a novice to the world of wet shaving or an experienced shaver with years of use in brushes under your belt, any one of these are ideal choices.

The best part is, these all come in under $50 and have rave reviews of 4.0 out of stars and higher.

You can shell out some major coin on an extravagant shave brush you deem worthy for your needs, but these are fine brushes that will meet or even exceed your expectations.


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