What is the Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin?



I know shaving can be hassle for those who have sensitive skin.

Instead having a nice and close shave, they feel itching, burning, flaking, and dry.

That is because everything from a razor blade to fragrance in shaving cream can cause a problem with their skin.

Fragrance, alcohol, and other chemical that can initiate skin problem, commonly found in shaving cream.

It’s important to avoid these substances, if you truly have sensitive skin.

The best you can do is trying a shaving cream that contain natural and organic ingredient.

However, be selective when pick natural products, as several vendors still using chemical as preservatives in their ingredient.

Do you really have sensitive skin?

Many people mistook when feel iritated during shaving.

They think it happens due to sensitiveness with their shaving product, but mostly is not.

Just because your skin feel irritated, it doesn’t mean you have sensitive skin.

Especially, if the sensitive part seems concur exactly where they shave. If that is appear, it is more likely you have damaged skin rather than sensitive skin.

That said sensitive skin does exist. If your skin really sensitive, the best approach is consulting with dermatologist.

Check for skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or contact dermatitis. It’s better to find out early rather than wait for your skin worsens.

Before, deciding to replace all your shaving kits, you need to take few thing into account:

First, not prep your face properly can cause iritation.

The goal is to make your face ready for shave. Not just for razor, a wet face can help the lather distribute evenly.

You don’t have to spend too much time when preping. Spend three to five minutes, is enough. To get better result, use warm water. It will soften the hair so it can easly to cut.

When washing your face, don’t use product contained perfumes, alcohol, and antibacterial formula, as it may reduce the skin moist. Instead, use glycerin soap or product with a low pH.

Second, stop using single blade razor.

Shaving is causing friction on the skin, that’s truth, so the more blade you use, the chances you get irritation will high. Less blade means less friction.

Try to switch your cartridge with straight razor or safety razor.  As they use single blade.

Also consider to use sharper blade. It can cuts the hair easily and don’t need too much pass. The less pass when shave, can reduce the friction on your skin.

On the other hand, a dull blade will require more force, so you probably need to pass several times.

Change the blade when you think it feels dull (tugging or pulling). Usually razor blade can last into four or five pass (although it depend how coarse and thick your beard are).

If you have the budget, change the blade each time shaving, it could help protect your skin. Moreover, don’t forget to wash the blade after each pass.

Third, avoid using canned foam.

I know it’s cheaper and save your times, but a canned foam uses propellant. And it known can dry your skin out.

Switch into shaving cream, soap, or gel. I personally like shaving cream, but it all comes back to each individual.

My advice, try all of them, because each of them has their own characteristic and strength. And if you find the one that work well, that would be the best for you.

As I said before, a sensitive skin does exist.

Fragrance and ingredients that contained in shaving cream can be an issue if not addressed with caution.

Some fragrance like menthol, eucalyptus, sandalwood, lime, or lavender proves to be culprit for sensitive skin.

You can try unscented shaving cream, as they have very light or sometimes doesn’t have fragrance.

Another thing that should not forget is figuring out what they put inside the cream.

Avoid product that contained hard chemical (like sodium sulfate, parabens, thriethanolamine, or phthalates) and look for those produced specifically for sensitive skin, and better if they use natural ingredient.

If you have acne, I saw good tips on reddit. You should check it.

In addition, try a sample pack before decide to buy full jar or tube, is good idea. You can find it here or here.

Test it by applying on the crease of your elbow joint, behind your ears, and wait for a few minutes to see if anything happens. If passes then you good to go.

The Best Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin

There are probably hundreds or more of different products available on the market, which each of them claim can help your sensitive problem.

But in the end, it would be impossible to state what the best shaving cream for each individual. As I do not know what your skin condition.

However, I already have gathered and evaluate their ingredient to help you find the best cream for sensitive skin.

Pacific Shaving Company All Natural Shaving Cream

The first cream comes from Pacific Shaving Company. best-shaving-cream-for-sensitive-skin

With their certified organic ingredient like aloe, shea butter, white, etc. Pacific-All Natural is a good choice for sensitive skin.

Comes with 3 oz tube with price around $7.99, click here to see their current price. It pricey, but worth for non-toxic solution.

The smell is refreshing. It is like citrus, but mild and natural.

Despite being a ‘low lather’ cream, I found the lather is very thick and slick, almost like soap.

The slickness is great for protection. It works well either with a brush or without. I prefer using it with brush, as the result much better.

One thing to take note is water ratio. Don’t add too much water with this cream or the lather will be too fluffy and airy. Just use a little water for optimal performance.

The size is great for travel, but still I wish they had larger size.

Caffeinated Shaving Cream


Another organic shaving cream is Caffeinated from Pacific.

Like other cream in their line, this cream also use natural and organic ingredient. You won’t see parabens, sulfate, and other toxin chemical.

The interesting part is in their scent. It is not like coffee at all (I thought it, at first); instead there are tingling sensation, like a mint. Do not worry, it very light mint.

Great latherability, use a dab cream, you will get a good lather. A little goes way.

The lather is very slick, there is no tugging or pulling when using razor. It also can used with a brush or brushless.

The price is around $7.99 for 3 oz, click here to see the current price.

Taylor of Old Bond Street: Jermyn Street



Taylor of Old Bond Street “Jermyn Street” marketed for men with sensitive skin.

The scent very light compared to most other TOBS products, which specifically designed not irritate sensitive skin. It has a fresh, invigorating, and clean smell.

This cream is easy to lather and need small amout cream to produce enough lather for at least six passes.

If you’re looking for a luxurious cream specifically made for sensitive skin, this cream is a better choice for you.

The price is also quite cheap about $ 16.99 for 5.3 oz, click here to see their current price.

NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Cream


best-shaving-cream-for-sensitive-skinFormula cream specially developed for men with sensitive skin.Very soft and creamy texture enriched with natural ingredients,

such as extracts of Chamomile and Witch Hazel.

This makes the skin look healthier and feel comfortable and smooth. It able to soften your beard and provides extra comfort while shaving.

This cream is relatively thick and dense. Cylindrical as you squeeze out of the tube. It is not quite as stiff as toothpaste but feel similar.

This cream is very suitable when used with a brush and the results are amazing.

Their price is only $3.99 for 3.5 oz, click here to see their current price.

Natural Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin


Lathering agents made without harsh and irritating chemicals, shaving cream Maple transform the ordinary into the shaving time therapeutic experience, which is compatible with all skin types.

Using a blend of natural ingredients such as aloe, oatmeal, and sandalwood extracts to nourish the skin.

Integrated into a soothing and moisturizing lotion base consisting of natural materials to minimize friction razor blade and maximize comfort for cool, relaxed feel of post-shave.

Contains no sulfates, no parabens, fragrance-free and specially formulated for sensitive skin, so the perfect shaving cream or a gift to men and women equall.

The price is around $12 and you get 4 oz cream. Click here to see their current price.


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