What Is The Best Synthetic Shaving Brush?



Seeking a good synthetic shaving brush can be a problem. Especially, if you still new about this type of brush.

A synthetic shaving brush is an option for those people who want to avoid animal product (natural hair).

However, with the new generation of synthetic hair/bristle, their quality starts to compensate with badger or boar hair.

Therefore, many people start to switch their preference into synthetic brush.

In this review, I will cover you a few of best synthetic shaving brush, but still kind to your pocket.

The Strenghts And Weakness Of Synthetic Brushes?

With the increasing traditional wet shaving users, the demand for natural hair becomes a problem in itself.

Therefore, many manufacturers began to develop synthetic bristle for requirements in the future.

This can be notice by the development of synthetic hair that has reached the fourth generation.

The Strengths

There lot good thing synthetic brushes can offer, such as:

  1. Less shedding or broken. Normally, when we use a shave brush, the hair is frequently loss or broken. It happened due to the strong pressure when create lather. Yet, with synthetic brush, we rarely find such issue.
  2. More consistency. Another advantage of synthetic brush is they always behave the same. So it can produce lather that is more consistent.
  3. Use smaller amount of shaving cream or soap. You only need less cream/soap than natural hair to produce the same lather, because the synthetic hair cannot absorb cream /soap like natural hair.
  4. Easy to clean and dry quickly. Because it cannot absorb water and cream/soap, synthetic hair is very easy to clean and quick to dry. Just rinse enough, a couple of shakes and flicks, then it complete dry.
  5. Last long. As the synthetic fiber do not contain protein and cannot absorb soap/cream/water, they do not deteriorated over time.

The Weakness

Even so, synthetic brush still has some drawbacks:

  1. The bristle softness still under natural hair. Although the fourth generation of synthetic, has better softness that their old generation. It still cannot beat a natural hair softness.
  2. Lather difficulty. The advantages can also be a weakness. As synthetic hair cannot absorb water, you need a little more water when lathering. It can be slight problem for natural hair brush user.
  3. Heat retention. If you enjoyed a warm lather, you should use a natural hair. Since synthetic fiber will losses heat faster than natural hair.
  4. Synthetic only have one setting backbone. There are more variety backbone in natural shave brush, but not in synthetic brush.

My Pick: The Best Synthetic Shaving Brush

Do not be discouraged if you do not see your favorite synthetic brush in my list.

I select synthetic shaving brushes based on positive reviews on the internet combine with my personal experience.

All synthetic shaving brushes that I selected below have price under $40. While the price is the major factor, but I still observe their quality and performance.

Okay, let’s look further:

1. Satin Tip The Purest – Luxury Synthetic Shave Brush

My choice for best shaving brush falls on Shave Brush-Satin Tip the Purest.

Satin priced less than $20 with two colors option on the bristle, black and white.

The handle made from black plastic with a satin texture and then packed in a handy boxed.

What is good about this brush?

The bristle is very soft (I think its equal with Plison). Great for face lathering, it feels good on the skin.

Although the hair is soft, the brush has a good backbone.

The handle is not too heavy and satin texture is comfortable on my grip, especially when wet.

Good performance in lathering and can hold decent lather.

The minor issue of this brush is about the handle size, which for some people is too small, compared with a standard shave brush.

In addition with the handle size issue, Satin is excellent option when you want to use synthetic shaving brush.

2. Plisson


My second choice is Plison synthetic shaving brush from L’Occitane.

The infamous Plisson is wet shaver favorite synthetic shaving brush, including me.

The brush is amazingly soft and hold water and lather better by far. The splay is very natural and have enough backbone.

It can be used either bowl lathering or face lathering.

You can see a lot positive review about this brush, and nearly all recommended buying this brush.

Unfortunately, nowadays its very hard to find Plisson locally or buy it online.

3. Omega S10065

The third choice is the Omega S series from Maggard Razor.


The main reason is that the price is only about $10. It is very cheap when compared to other synthetic brush.

There are several choices in Omega S series, but I recommend Omega S10065. This brush has two colors option on the handle, which is red and blue.

The handle is comfortable to hold and gives secure grip.

It has a nice natural splay, backbone, and density. Good all around size and produces a great lather.

The downside si the bristle softness is not quite like Satin or Plisson; it’s slight stiff.

Although not as soft as Satin or Plison, but the price is very cheap. It a good choice for your starter brush.

4. Frank Shaving Pur-tech

Another good synthetic shaving brush that can found on Amazon is Frank Shaving Pure-tech.

The price is not too expensive; it is still under $30. With that price, you also get a free brush stand.

The bristle is also very soft. Some reviews says it give a velvety smooth feeling when do face lather.

The handle is good for face lathering because you could get a solid grip while using circular motions.

It holds water just as well. Lather nicely both on creams and soaps.

You will not need free stand too much, but it good for storage and accessories.

5. GBS Super Synthetic Shaving Brush

Another synthetic brush that you should try is GBS Super Synthetic Shaving Brush. Well, it is not good like Frank synthetic brush. However, the price is lower, around $20. Moreover, it comes with free stand.

This is a decent brush. The bristles are soft but shed a little.

Create a good lather with minimal effort and quite foamy splashes on countertop.

The size of the knot and handle are just right, giving you total control of the lathering process.

6. Parker Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush

The last synthetic brush I would recommend is Parker Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush.

It seems popular on Amazon and the price is around $25, included free brush stand.

A good thing about this brush is durability. Shedding is common problem when you use shave brush.

But the quality Parker brush is good; you will not lose bristles at all, even after month use.

The brush whips well and creates good lather. It has enough backbone to stand up with harder soap.

The issue with Parker synthetic is the bristle softness is not quite there. Too stiff and too firm for face lathering.

It also does not hold water very well; when face lathering, the brush drips water to your hand or shirt.

So it is lean toward bowl lathering than face lathering.

Another, to add is when wet, the bristles separate into clumps.

Overall, the quality parker synthetic brush is quite good, but it just not for face lather.

Wrapping it up

I hope these synthetic shaving brushes above can be a solution for those of you who are still looking for the right shaving brush.

Synthetic is a good choice, as natural hair demand continues to increase.

Moreover, the synthetic quality continues to improve, so their quality is not much different from the natural hair.

Personally, I often use synthetic shaving brush because it easy to take care and suitable for travelling.


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