Which is Better, Shaving Cream vs Soap?

Which is better, shaving cream vs soap?

This question often arises and often expressed by new wet shaver.
In my opinion, I suggest to use both.

You will get different experiences from both and both of them provide a good shave.

If you find yourself comfortable with one product or another, that’s good, because I think you will not go wrong with either.

Both cream and soap has a purpose to soften hair while also protecting your skin from razor blades.

However, each of them also has advantages and disadvantages.

Which is more suitable for you?

Let’s discuss a little deeper into each of them.

Talk about Shaving Cream

When I say shaving cream,

I am not referring to aerosol can with full of propellant and chemicals. This kind of shaving cream can be very harmful to the skin.

They may be widely available and low-priced, but in long-term may cause severe drying and premature aging.

Men who use these products easily identified by coarse, irritation, and dried skin on their face and neck.

If you often shave using aerosol can, discard and replace it with traditional shaving cream.

It is usually preferred among traditional wet shavers for a good reason.

There are a lot quality cream, such as Proraso, Truefitt and Hill, Castle Forbes, Geo. F. Trumper, DR Harris, The Art of Shaving and Taylor of Old Bond Street.
Shaving cream is actually a diluted form of shaving soap, which formulated with more water and potassium hydroxide.

It’s basically soap, just less concentrated. This is why shaving cream tends to be easier and faster when it comes to lather, with or without a shaving brush.

They also consist of high glycerin, useful for lubrication to ease the razor glides over the skin while shaving.

Plus, moisturizing properties contained within will make your skin feel smooth.

Shaving creams tend to have strong fragrant.

Some men enjoy a strong scent, while those with sensitive skin may have trouble with it.

To solve this problem, many vendors issued unscented products as an option for people with sensitive skin.

The prices range from $15-$40 depending on the brand, and will last for approximately two months (sometimes more) for daily use.

How About Shaving Soap

Shaving soap offers a rich and firm lather, but sometimes for beginner, they find issues when lathering.

Just like other shaving products, there are many kind of shaving soap to choose, like hard soap, soft soap (croap or “creamy” soap), triple-milled, tallow based soap, glycerin based soap, and vegetable based soap.

shaving-cream-vs-soapSoap is undiluted version of cream, so it will last longer than creams and therefore considered more economical.

However, for the same reason, soaps usually need more water and time (to learn ) to get the right lather.

Shaving soap is working best with a brush, so you will need it one.

Generally, soap is considering slicker when shaving because certain ingredients such as fat, lanolin, glycerin, and bentonite clay added to the soap.

It gives a smooth and gentle shave experience especially for heavy-bearded men.

Because they are more subtle aroma, shaving soap may be a better choice for people with sensitive skin.

Though soap can also make the skin more drying, so for those who have dry skin may have to experiment more with different brands to find the right one.

Shaving soap is available in a wide range of prices.

Cheaper glycerin based soap (approximately $5) provide decent quality, but triple milled soap (around $18-$45) smell better, better foam, and comes in a wooden bowl, which allows you to create lather in a bowl, keep your soap, and serve an attractive display of your accessories.

If you use quality shaving soap, it can easily last for three months of daily use.

Which Should I Use?

Both product is a good choice for traditional wet shavers.

Soap offers a little more cushion and slickness, which preferred by user’s shaver straight razor, while creams offer more protection, which is loved by people who use a safety razor.

Cream offers advantages that are easier to use, while the soap takes time to learn.

Most new wet shaver starts with the cream until they get used with a brush and lathering, then they moved to using soap.

Some people use both soap and cream alternately to give them a best shave experience.

As I said earlier,

You should try both and find out which one fits your style and your skin.

Many choices out there, try some of the best of each will surely help you find the choices that you will be happy with.


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